Published by the Naples Museum of Art this work boldly portrays the artistic journey that follows Jerome Tupa's 2001 pilgrimage from Paris to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  A priest and Benedictine monk, Tupa captures in rich, colorful oil paintings and lyrical watercolors some of the most sacred sites along the Way of Saint James (El Camino de Santiago), one of the three great Christian pilgrimages.  While his art is rooted in history and tradition, it is clearly modern in orientation.  Tupa's paintings are vibrant, whimsical and immediately appealing.  The tilted towers melting roofs and circular patterns convey a sense of motion that draws the viewer in.  Beneath these fanciful surfaces lies a deeper concern, which has been at the core of Tupa's art since he began painting in the 1970's: evoking the spiritual in a new way.  This volume is a companion to the exhibition Jerome Tupa Painting the Pilgrimage: From Paris to Compostela.  It includes reproductions of all the oil paintings and watercolors in the exhibition, along with sketches, the artist's "Pilgrims Journal," an interview with Tupa and photographs by award-winning photographer Bart Bartholomew.